Adaptability, Efficiency, Inclusivity, Opportunity, and Universalism” are the new vowels of the post-COVID business world, Pm Modi urges businesses and people to strategies new business environment in Post COVID World

On Sunday, PM Modi announced the new goals of the businesses and urged people in
those businesses to make a new environment of business that follows Adaptability,
Efficiency, Inclusivity, Opportunity, and Universalism. The new vowels will help define the
businesses and revive themselves after the COVID pandemic.
Prime Minister said that these are the new vowels that will define businesses and the
workflow as well.

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The Prime Minister made a post on Linkedin and requested the innovators of the country to come forth and take lead to reproduce a new work environment and culture.he said that like the vowels of the English language these 5 words will become the crucial ingredients of the businesses to revive after the COVID pandemic.

He elaborated for adaptability which says that “ the need of the hour is to think of such
business models that are of adaptive nature. This means that even in the time of crisis our businesses and economy would be moving faster instead of coming down to its knees and prevent any loss of life.

PM Modi also urged small business owner and shopkeepers to invest in digital tools so that businesses and commerce can stay connected. He said that the country is currently witnessing an economic surge in digital transactions. Another field from which the signs of going digital have emerged is telemedicine.

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