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Alanna Panday’s wedding look was designed by THESE “exquisite” designers!

Model Alanna Panday married her long-time boyfriend Ivor McCray in Mumbai. The wedding was attended by close friends and family only. The wedding designer who made this experience memorable and dreamy for her was Ambika Gupta.

Alanna Panday's wedding look was designed by THESE "exquisite" designers!

She said, “Alanna wanted a modern yet enchanted look and feel for her wedding since she’s so connected with the elements in nature. We wanted to make the 10 Pillar Ballroom at the Taj part of the landscape, so we zeroed in on creating an Enchanted forest with a rich foliage wallpaper, and deconstructed/ruined arches but with plush material such as acrylic with gold accents. Cascading valleys of Alanna’s favourite florals, lady’s lace filled the space alongside fog to add an enchanted touch creating a surreal and dreamy setting as the couple took their Pheras. It felt like you walked into a dreamscape.”

It was a three-day celebration and the theme was ‘Tropical Oasis’. “They’re a young couple and I wanted them to be able to dance, move around and have fun while looking good. Alanna loved the botanicals when we sent her the initial swatch in October and everything was planned around that. Ivor’s bundi has the same motifs but in monotone, to complement her but also stand out,” said the designer.

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