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Download “The Pope’s Exorcist” in HD from Sdmoviespoint

The Pope’s Exorcist is an upcoming American supernatural thriller film releasing on 7th April 2023. Julius Avery directs it. It stars Russell Crowe as Father Gabriele Amorth. The film also stars Daniel Zovatto, Alex Essoe and Franco Nero.  It is based on Amorth’s memoirs An Exorcist Tells His Story and An Exorcist: More Stories.

Download "The Pope's Exorcist" in HD from Sdmoviespoint

Inspired by the actual files of Father Gabriele Amorth, Chief Exorcist of the Vatican, The Pope’s Exorcist follows Amorth as he investigates a young boy’s terrifying possession and ends up uncovering a centuries-old conspiracy the Vatican has desperately tried to keep hidden.

The Pope’s Exorcist was based on the real-life story of the Vatican’s Chief Exorcist, Father Gabriele Amorth, who died in 2016.

Father Amorth claimed to have performed thousands of exorcisms and kept detailed records of his battles with evil spirits. His diaries later became best-sellers.

Crowe says the more he learned about Father Amorth, the more he wanted to play him on screen.

“Those two things. He’s dealing with the afflicted all the time … I was just very attracted to that, you know, because like, it’s such a serious gig. But at the same time, he was so goofy. I liked that combination,” Crowe said.

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