Alia is’ being trolled’ for something director asked her to say: Co-star on bridal wear ad.

While many Twitter users liked the new idea suggested in Alia Bhatt’s latest bridal ad and praised the actress as well as the makers for questioning the age-old practice of ‘Kanyadaan‘, others weren’t impressed and attacked it for being ‘woke feminism‘. Many also attacked Manyavar for misinterpreting Hindu traditions.

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Alia is' being trolled' for something director asked her to say: Co-star on bridal wear ad.

This particular advert has sparked a conversation online with many welcoming its fresh take on rituals and traditions while others claiming it demeans them. Bijay has now questioned why Alia is being targeted for the ad. “As actors, we trust the direction, writing, and production departments to do the right thing and not get us into controversy. I am not an expert on the subject, so, they have to keep in mind the appropriateness and correctness of the subject. Also, everyone has their own interpretation of things. There are hundreds of scholars who have their own take on every topic. If we are so smart, then we should have been scientists,” he told Bombay Times.

He also spoke about looking at the ad from the right perspective. “Why don’t you look at the fact that she is saying ‘Kanya ka maan Karo (respect women)’. Again, it is your choice; I’m not blaming anyone for it, but we need to remember that hatred will only give rise to more hatred. In the larger picture, when you make a big deal about small things, it just escalates into something else. She is a young girl and is saying something that the director has told her to, but you are just going to go ahead and troll her. I feel that we actors are the softest targets, especially girls. At the end of the day, hatred spreads hatred, and love spreads love”.

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