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Amit Badhana shares a pencil art made by a fan, check here for the post

Amit Bhadana is a prominent Youtuber. He has 20.4 million subscribers on his Youtube channel. He is famous for his dubbing videos and pranks. He makes videos in Haryanvi and Hindi language. He was born on 7 September 1994 in Delhi. He made many records like “top trending video on youtube”, “number one channel on youtube for 3 days” and many more. If you want to laugh and relief yourself from stress don’t forget to check his channel link of one of his video is here

By the way, he belongs to a conservative family he did his graduation in law from the University of Delhi and his parents wanted him to focus on studies. As in one of his video, he said that his parents did not know that he had opened a youtube channel, but when he slowly started becoming famous, his parents knew through his relatives and family. But his talent and passion attracted him towards the field of youtube and today he is known for his work i.e making people laugh.

As per the reports, Amit Badhana’s annual earning is around 14.35 crore estimated. People are crazy for him as one of his fan-made the beautiful artwork shown below.

Today, Amit Badhana share the above photo on his Instagram story made by his fan “worldonpencil”.you can check his work by opening the link


Very beautiful work has been done by that artist, in the art, every letter of Amit Bhadana’s name emerged on pencils and heart touching words also said by his fan that “ he is a man with a golden heart”. Amit Bhadana uses 2 emoticons to express his love for the artist.


He got Dada Saheb Phalke award for best youtube creator of India. His tune “PARICHAY” got 2 million views within 3 hours in 2019.


At last its worthy to say that Amit Badhana is really a kind-hearted person that he understands the emotions of his fans. You can check the Instagram story of amit badhana.

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