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Shilpa Shetty aces the ‘bottle flip’ in her recent TikTok video, Watch the video here

Introduction :

Shilpa Shetty a famous Bollywood actress and also a producer. She won a lot of awards like Filmfare award etc., She also worked in other industries like Tamil, Telugu industries etc., Shilpa Shetty is famous in these industries also. She is a brilliant actress.

Tiktok :

During this difficult and tough condition, all are locked in the state of lockdown condition including film actors also. All are learning and doing something new every day to move their days into a positive way and to keep them into action. Likewise, Shilpa Shetty also begins to entertain her fan in her social media page like Instagram, Tiktok, etc., she became more active in her social media page to make her fans happy.

Queen of Tiktok :

Every day she uploading different and new videos on her Tiktok page. Her videos are watched by a lot of people. Every day she more active in her Tiktok page. She has a lot of followers on her Tiktok page. She having 18.3M followers in her Tiktok page. She also the best dancers. In her Tiktok page, she uploading all kind of video like funny videos, dance videos etc., sometimes she uploads a video done with her husband that was so funny to watch. She is one of the actors having a lot of followers. So she is called Queen of Tiktok.

Bottle Flip Challenge :


Recently, Shilpa Shetty does a bottle flip challenge video on her Tiktok page. The video is so cool to see. She got 386.7k likes for that video. It is a double flip challenge. She also commented like “Nothing is impossible”.Yes, it’s the true world. There is nothing is impossible in this world. She conveys a good message to her fans. The video is vitally watched by many of her fans.


Shilpa Shetty having a lot of fan followers on her social media page. She always tries to keep her fans happy and positive. Every day she uploading videos to entertain her fans. Thatswhy her fans liked her very much and also she is popular among them. Follow her in Tiktok (Id:@theshilpashetty)

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