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Another virus found in china might result in another pandemic

While the whole world is still struggling with the pandemic disease i.e. coronavirus whose originated source is still not identified. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has revealed that searching and making the perception about the origin of coronavirus pandemic is monitoring to find a solution for an effective fight against severe Covid-19. Currently, at this time, the discovery of a new virus in China has resulted in more intense than normal concerns among medical experts.

The new viral found in china is another flu virus that can become a pandemic. It has been identified that this virus is carried by pigs and scientists tremendously believe that it can infect human beings. As per the researches, they have told that this virus can mutate further which can, therefore, easily transfer from person to person very much similar to the coronavirus and likely to trigger a global outbreak.

It has been revealed by the American journal this new virus is quite similar to the swine flu which was been found in 2009. As this virus may produce the warning of being a completely new virus or bacterium to humans. Also, the scientist told the nation that the outbreak of the swine flu pandemic did not result to be the kind of threatening remark that various experts had initially estimated. Currently, in this case, the researchers have found that the new virus which has been found in China has been the top disease threat for the people. Also, they told that People do not pose that much immunity to fight against the wholly newly discovered virus.

Further, researches have warned the nation by declaring that such type of infectivity greatly increases the opportunity for adapting the virus by humans, and simultaneously it also raises the alarm for the possible generation of pandemic viruses. Although various scientist tends to believe that this new virus is not an immediate threatening remark to human health but tremendously it can grow further and increase exponentially very fast in the respiratory portion which transmits from nose to lungs of the human being.

The detection of a new virus in China has come at that time when the World health organization had sent a team of the people to that country to explore the origin of pandemic coronavirus which has infected half of the nation. The new flu which has been discovered by china is quite similar to 2009 swine flu but with some changes as stated by the researchers and also they told that this new virus is not an immediate problem but we should not ignore this new disease.

Researchers say that it is necessary to take urgent steps to keep an eye on the people who are working with pigs. Various scientist says that as per the survey which got published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences majorly concentrated on an influenza virus named G4 which is genetically fall downwards from the H1N1 which causes extreme tension, therefore, resulted in causing a pandemic in 2009.

This new influenza virus is a solely blend of three pedigree that is quite similar to injury found in European and Asian birds, secondly, the H1N1 strain which resulted in the pandemic happened in 2009, and a North American H1N1 that has genes from a bird, human, and pig influenza viruses. The scientists are quite worried as per the research they have identified that this new virus can pass from animals to human beings. So, it is necessary to be more careful about another infectious warning even as pandemic coronavirus because it is a relatively alarming sign for the whole nation.

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