Ashish Chanchlani kept his promise of appearing on “BIGG BOSS” here’s how?…

Ashish Chalchani who is popularly known as YouTube Star has released a video named Sasta Biig Bosss. The video is a type of parody of BiggBoss.

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The Sasta Biig Bosss was released on Dec 16, 2020. In such a short time the video is getting lots of responses in social media. The video is filled with joy and comedy.

The video is released on YouTube channel named Ashish Chanchlani who has made a number of videos in comedy zone. Ashish Chanchlani has 2.26 crores subscribers in his channel.

The video has got 42 lakh views and 11 lakh likes and 4.5k dislikes. The video got a huge response on social media. The owners are also enjoying success.

This memers started roasting the memes on video. Ashish Chanchlani also posted many stories feeling grateful.

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