Automobile dealers to seek financial support from the government and car manufacturers to cope up with the challenging business atmosphere

This lockdown has caused all the industries to stop their production works and also sales. While the Government asked private organizations to pay the salaries of their employees. Cause in this tough situation, it will have to help them survive.
Recently, Automobile dealers have received a shine of hope from the Government and manufacturers.

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The most economically effected community is that of the business. The owners of small stores, stationeries, cloth stores, and other sellers who sell things that are not in the list of daily essentials. See, you can survive without a new outfit, a toy, or an artifact for that matter. Then if no one buys, all the sellers are left with is huge debt and they turn bankrupt.
So, they need to spend now by digging deep into their pockets. They are neither rich nor poor. These people have to face adversity in a different angle; even if there is lockdown imposed, they need to eat to survive, take the necessary medicines. Do all the things that they need to do in order to survive. at least the basic needs. and then that means spending without earning. but the million-dollar question is until when? When is this going to end?? No one knows. All we can do is wait and watch.

While some companies have decided to lay off their employees, car manufacturers have taken a different strategy.
With this, the Automobile manufacturers have seen and realized that if they want their economic condition to be back to normal, they would need all these people. So they stood beside the Automobile dealers in this crisis. Thus the automobile dealers are going to get out of this hardship with the Government and the Car manufactures on their side.

Amidst these circumstances, employees in each sector are asking for financial support from their respective authorities. The Government is lending a helping hand to the people below the poverty line, and some ration cardholders. A few NGOs are aiding by distributing essential commodities to the needy. Also, the stars of the Film Industry and big Industrialists too donated a fair share and displayed how much they cared for the people who love them.

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