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Employees of Taj Hotel, Mumbai test positive for Coronavirus

The IHCL has also provided nearly 4 lakh meals till date to doctors, health workers and
Migrant workers. Due to such initiatives the company has risen the testing requirements for the patients and its employees

“In keeping with our values of being a responsible company and as a matter of abundant
precautions, we have been proactively ramping up the testing criteria for our employees,
especially those in front lines during these times “the spokesperson of IHCL said.
For the time being, the concerns fo the people are increasing with the numbers of COVID-19 cases in Dharavi. A total of 43 people have turned out to be positive for coronavirus so far. This has made the authority to diversify the screening. they will be testing everyone in Dharavi which accounts for around 7 lakh.

Chief Minister Uddhav Thakeray said, “the cases that are being detected are definitely
worrying but we will see that the places are getting completely sealed. no one is allowed to move outside or come inside. We are delivering the essentials like bread, medicines, and vegetables.”

“The BMC which is the civic agency has begun to screen families in the areas that are
sealed currently. Whatever cases wee can see emerging out are due to tracing of contacts and screening of contacts of the positive cases” said CM Uddhav Thackeray
In the meantime, the government of Maharastra has taken a call on the extension of the
lockdown till April 30 and now the testing will be more aggressively performed
“6 taj Hotel employees have deen tested positive for the coronavirus,” a doctor attached to a private hospital said the following on Saturday.

There are about 1900 cases in Maharastra alone which make it rank the highest state with the number of coronavirus positive cases

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