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B-town celebs who graduated from FTII!

The Film and Television Institute of India has given us many talented actors. From Jaya Bachchan to Shatrughan Sinha, many have graduated from this prestigious institute. Here are some of them-

B-town celebs who graduated from FTII!

1] NASEERUDDIN SHAH- He graduated from FTII and was part of the new wave of 70s and 80s. His acting and shelves of awards are known to everyone.

2] OM PURI- Puri was the student was FTII too. His acting definitely proves it.

3] JAYA BACHCHAN- After acting in three Bengali films, Bachchan decided to get a diploma in acting, which she got from FTII and graduated with a gold medal.

4] RAJKUMAR HIRANI- The film-maker dabbled in acting but could not succeed in his course in FTII and later opted for editing and made some of the best films ever.

5] RAJKUMAR RAO- Rao was a student of FTII and no wonder his acting is so good.

6] SANJAY LEELA BHANSALI- His journey is one of the most dramatic one. He was not allowed to finish diploma film and was chucked out of institute due to problems with colleges. 

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