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Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali launches ‘evidence-based’ Ayurvedic medicine ‘Coronil’ for COVID-19

Patanjali is launching an Ayurvedic medicine for treating COVID-19 infection. According to their reports, it can cure a patient within 5 to 14 days… The product has been manufactured by Divya Pharmacy of the Patanjali.

They inform that they had started working on the trail back in December 2019. They had claimed that their trial to check the efficiency of the medicine had a 100% positive result as all those patients that were part of the trial-tested negative within 5-14 days. 69% of the patients had recovered by day 6. 0% death rate has been observed.

“So, we can say the cure for COVID is possible through Ayurveda. We are performing controlled clinical trials only. In the next 4-5 days, evidence and data will be released by us”, CEO Balkrishna said during an interview.

Baba Ramdev has claimed that patients who were treated with Coronil, a mixture of Ashwagandha, Giloy and Tulsi, recovered easily.

During the launch, Baba Ramdev has clarified that this is not a mere immunity booster but a cure. He has also promised to conduct a test on people who are on ventilators. The Brand plans on delivering these Corona kits at home.

The tablets are suggested for people from 15- 80 years of age whereas children can take half of the dosage. People have also been advised to practise Yoga every day to boost immunity. It is also claimed that the tablets increase body strength to stay protected from COVID-19. The tablets are to be taken thrice a day with hot water 30 mins after breakfast, lunch and dinner. The kit will be available for Rs 545 and has tablets for 30 days.

The kit is sought out to be made available this week at Patanjali stores. Their e-commerce app will provide the delivery for the kits in about 2 hours after the placement of order.

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