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BCCI chief on confirmed on suspension of IPL 2020 till further notice, denies the cancellation of the event

Amidst this COVID-19 pandemic, the BCCI couldn’t decide upon when to conduct the league, cause the price in India has raised to over 400, qwhile about 14,000 are infected. It might be a smaller number compared to another countries, containment at this stage is extremely crucial. So is that the second phase of lockdown imposed.

“Due to the evolving global health concerns regarding Covid-19 and lockdown measures implemented by the govt. of India to contain the spread of the pandemic, the IPL Governing Council of the BCCI has decided that the IPL 2020 Season are getting to be suspended until further notice,” the BCCI said during a release.

“The health and safety of the state and everybody involved in our great sport remains our top priority and intrinsically , the BCCI along side the Franchise Owners, Broadcasters and Sponsors and every one the Stakeholders acknowledge the IPL 2020 season will only commence when it’s safe and appropriate to try to to so.”

The IPL is one among the foremost awaited tournaments of India. The Indian Premier League could also be knowledgeable Twenty20 cricket league in India contested during March or April and will of every year by eight teams representing eight different cities in India.

The matches would be conducted altogether the eight cities, moving the teams around.
The IPL 2020 which was originally scheduled to run from March 29 had been postponed till March 15, amidst the primary phase of lockdown thanks to the worldwide pandemic.
But with the extended lockdown, there has been more uncertainty in whether it might be conducted, than when.

While the social distancing and travel restriction norms are in situ , it’s almost like, impossible to conduct the cricket league, given the gang and therefore the craze for it. The IPL fans are expecting it since an extended time.
The reschedule might be within the months of October and November, cause the travel restrictions imposed in Australia would be lifted by then. But this is often also not certain and would be hooked in to whether the pandemic might be contained by then, and if it might be safe.

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