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Tablighi Jamaat Chief Maulana Azaad changed his resident after being tested negative for COVID 19 at private labs

Talibghi chief Maulana Saad changes his resident place recently as he continues to
ignore the questioning of police. He did so after being tested negative for COVID 19
at the private labs. He has shifted to the same locality in Zakir Nagar, Delhi
After being called before the multiple notices he has been sent for the Nizaam
Markaz event, he continues to avoid them. The event is aid to be the strong cause of
the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

Delhi police has put up several charges and case on the chief regarding culpable
homicide and violating the lockdown protocols.
Earlier the Markaz chief could not be questioned as he was in isolation period which
has now ended. But the chief has not yet shown up before the police
The number of people who were the members of Talibghi Jamaat attended the
gatherings. due to this many of them died and the rest are tested positive and being
treated for the coronavirus.

The police have asked Maulana Saad and 18 other people to join the inquisition.
A lookout circular has been issued by the police against 2000 members of Talibhghi
Jamaat and foreign nationals so that none of them are able to leave the country.
It has been in the news about the death of members of Talibghi Jamaat and them
being tested positive every other day. the people have a strong belief that they
should be punished for spreading the coronavirus when the situation could have
been in control.

Yesterday, 2 members of Talibhghi Jamaat were tested positive in the Saharanpur
district of Uttar Pradesh. after them being positive the districts Mandi locality was
The two cases are the in-laws of Maulana Saad.
“The two stayed in Jammat’s Markaz in Nizamuddin Delhi before the application of
the lockdown all around the country, “ said district magistrate.
It was said that they have returned from South Africa and have been put to
quarantine to be treated for the coronavirus infection.

According to the sources, Maulana saad has provided the police with a few answers
and said that he did not have any avenue with the rest of the queries due to him
being in self-isolation.

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