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Beijing Spokesperson Says China Neither Created Nor Intentionally Transmitted Corona Virus

China on Wednesday(March 25th) said it has neither intentionally created corona virus or passed it to other nations,and made clear its objection to calling the covid-19 “China virus” or “Wuhan virus”.

The spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in India, Ji Rong, said instead of “stereotyping the Chinese people” the world should rather pay focus on China’s fast response concerning the virus.

Ji Rong also elaborated on the cooperation between India and China on battling the virus. He said the both countries have maintained very good communication and have supported each other in coping with the pandemic following this though times. He said India is helping in providing medical supplies to China and that they are very thankful for that.

The US and China had a little warm of words over the origin of the virus and Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian had alleged that the US army brought in the virus to China.

“The covid-19 crisis has provided and opportunity for the exploit of information space for harmful purposes and really been providing unnecessary distraction from the global community focus on this crisis”,Gabrielle said.
Officials of the US have expressed concern that the covid-19 has emboldened China,which as a result is making China use social media to launch attacks. China has in return accused the US of using language to stigmatize China. Analysts and officials note that the problems go far beyond social media platforms adding that much of the information is not easily visible.

US officials have still not pet go their criticism and affirmed that they are working with private sector partners to track propaganda in real time.
The epidemic is a lost opportunity for China to rebuild some good will with America and other countries” Susan L.Shirk, chair woman of the 21st century China center at the university of California San Diego, wrote in an email.

The epidemic is first and foremost a public health crisis,causing more than 3,000 deaths. China has had to cut its own diplomatic efforts to win sympathy and support by imposing travel restrictions that China once termed “unnecessary”.

The toll of the Covid-19 pandemic rose to 13 in India with a total number of infections increased to 649. The epidemic has been met with news coverage that questioned China’s public health standards and  China is trying very hard to fight diplomatic damage and the domestic damage caused by the virus.

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