The Pataudi family has always been in the limelight of the Bollywood .From Nawab Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi to Soha Ali Khan and Saif Ali Khan , now the little champ of the Pataudi house “Taimur Ali Khan” is catching everyone’s eyes and keeping them glued to this little wonder of Pataudi family.

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We all know that how our the most beloved celebrities are spending their quarantine period in a creative way. various actors like Anushka Sharma , Deepika Padukone,Anupam Kher and all others are uploading their videos of doing one or the other thing , be it sweeping the ground or learning to play guitar our celebs are doing it all !
The 21 days lockdown where no one can go outside of their house people are making themselves busy by indulging in different kinds of activities. Quarantine has become a soapy affair for our celebrities.


We feel sorry for the kids who feel like they are trapped in the four walls of the house and jokingly sorry for their parents who have to manage them and tolerate their mischieves for the entire day! The kids who before the lockdown were free to play and roam about in the parks are now trapped in their home. So what should they do now? How can they pass their time?
So for the kids our Taimur is standing as a fitting example for spending time in the self isolation period.


Kareena Kapoor Khan recently shared a picture of Taimur’s drawing and called him in house Picasso! So from this we came to know that our little champ Taimur has a creative mind and is polishing his art skills in the quarantined period.
Taimur, the apple of everyone’s eyes is the favorite Bollywood kid for all. His cuteness is the main thing that he is famous for. The little nawab recently made an appearance in a live interview where his father Saif Ali Khan was interacting with a news T.V journalist about the corona virus lockdown, on a video call.

It was through our bebo’s Instagram stories that she shared her son’s piece of art with all of us. In the story she mentioned: baby tim drew an ice-cream .Calling him in house Picasso, she captioned the picture as ,’ THE WORLD IS YOUR ICE CREAM MY LOVE. #INHOUSEPICASSO#QUARANTIMDIARIES

We guess bebo has introduced a cute hashtag for Taimur that is #quarantimdiaries . The picture of Taimur’s drawing received a lot of love from everyone on the internet .Taimur the star kid of Bollywood has been adored by everyone. From searching his pictures from google or reading about him in the magazines kareeen’s followers go gala after after knowing the minute details of the cute little Taimur.

Hey little kids don’t feel upset being inside the house for 21 days, day and night. We all know you all have a hidden artist in you, just like Taimur show your skills and polish them by practicing them . every kid is an artist and you all have got time in abundance to show your skills , not necessarily drawing and painting but it can be dancing , singing , acting , or may be practicing your hoola- hoops this time !If you get bored of doing one thing the entire day switch it to something another ! Don’t waste your time, utilize this in it the utmost ways .Parents can also do a number of activities alongside their kids that can facilitate active engaged learning.
Taimur Ali Khan is paparazzi’s favorite and they never miss a chance to capture the glimpse of him. He is one of the most loved kids on social media and we all can find no reason so not to love him. Fan pages have been going gaga over a new picture of the little princess’s drawing. Taimur Ali Khan maybe a 2 year old kid but he has been more popular than the stardom of most Bollywood celebrities put together. Being one of the most loved celeb kid, his pictures and videos get viral with the speed of light. Hope we get to see more piece of Taimur’s art in the quarantine period. Till then keep yourself updated and keep reading fresh talk official blogs!

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