Bigg Boss 14- Housemates rebel against the “worst captain” of the season, Here’s who?…

After winning the latest captaincy task and being declared the MPL Captain of the house, already infamous Rakhi Sawant has invited more trouble. Though she has been applauded for adding some fruitful cheer to the house, the other Bigg Boss contestant is having a hard time under her strict and irrational captaincy.

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In the new promo, Rakhi can be seen imposing rigorous assignments on her housemates after which they openly revolt. Eijaz Khan openly refuses to do whatever Rakhi asks him to do and is even ready to accept whatever punishments would be given. Aly who is already heartbroken after her best friend Jasmine’s eviction is much irritated at what the new captain is doing.

Arshi Khan denies Rakhi’s order to clean the bathrooms and even takes out clothes from the BB Mall defying the rules! There is utter chaos when the two of them engage in a catfight.

Rahul gets so infuriated that he goes to the extent of declaring that Rakhi is the worst captain in Bigg Boss history and that this is her first and last time. Later, Rakhi is seen sobbing.

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