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First the auditions now the Roadies Revolution’s journey might begin virtually says Rannvijay Singha

MTV roadies had a good identity for a long time. Ranvijay Singh the host of MTV roadies an upcoming season is to conduct auditions virtually.

Since many years Ranvijay has become synonymous with reality television. In roadies season 2003 he became the gang leader and the host of the show. Ranvijay Singh has become a supporter of MTV roadies.

“I auditioned for Roadies because I saw an advertisement for it. All of us thought we would just be participating in adventure sports.”

Many things have changed and then he said, “Today, the show has become a stepping stone to something more. Being a Roadie has become a badge of honour. It has become more than a show; it is a lifestyle synonymous with adventure.”
He became famous for being bad at tough auditions. This will be the 17th year of the show with its screaming matches and fights between contestants.

According to Ranvijay Singha, he himself is the smart part of the show he concludes. “Roadies has shaped people by encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones. The point is to find out what your limits are by being put in a situation you have never been in before.”

Recently an announcement was made that for wild card entries auditions will be held virtually and too the auditions will be broadcasted on Facebook.
Roadies battleground for some time will be a virtual contest where able participants will be sending their video entries. It is believed by Ranvijay that it is possible for reality television to adapt a similar virtual format.

“Going digital also tells us that we can adapt. We are now giving people at home the chance to prove themselves,” explained by Ranvijay.
Giving a brief description of the experience he calls the experience ‘amazing’ he states that many young people had got the platform to display themselves.
“The auditions can be quite tough. Having them online has made it easier for these kids to open up. On the set, it is a little more difficult with so many people and cameras around.”

On a chat about new season Ranvijay says that team will follow all the necessary precautions and will be very careful amid the lockdown. “The priority right now is to keep everyone safe. We will begin shooting only once it is safe to do so. There is no point in being anxious right now, especially when there is nothing we can do.”
(MTV Roadies Revolution airs every Saturday at 7 pm on MTV)

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