BIGG BOSS 14- No mercy on housemates, Bigg Boss STRONGLY PUNISHES the housemates for…

Bigg Boss has been always strict with his house rules in every season. No special priority or apologizes is granted if any housemate doesn’t abide by it. The housemates this season have considered Bigg Boss house as a ground where rules are meant to be broken again and again. And despite having punished by Bigg Boss over and over again, the housemates have attained no sense of direction whatsoever and have continued breaking of rules. And guess what? They are at it again. 

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This is not only frustrating for the BiggBoss team but also makes the audience lose interest. Since the captaincy task was cancelled due to rule-breaking in the game, the Bigg Boss team set up a new task for the housemates to win the captaincy. They were supposed to cut the strings of the kite flying high to make the person lose. In a new promo Aly Goni, Eijaz Khan and Vaidya strategizing against other housemates.

Eijaz Khan tells Aly and Rahul that the task will be getting quite ugly and won’t come out to be fair. While the task as going on Eijaz Khan becomes a little aggressive and takes the thread from Abhinav, Rahul Vaidya breaks another thread. The table breaks and Eijaz falls. Rakhi Sawant breaks everyone’s threads.

Aly lashes out at her and everyone starts fighting. We could see Rubina Dilak trying to clam the chaos and explain to everyone to stop this and concentrate on the game or else like previous tasks this one will stand to cancel too. But no one paid attention to that matter and kept on with their fights and arguments.

Later, Biggboss cancelled the tasked and scolded the housemates for their unappreciated behaviour towards the tasks arranged. Bigg Boss decided to punish the whole house this time by not arranging any captaincy tasks and also taking away their rations. All the housemates were stunned and saddened with the fact that their daily ration now needs to stop to be earned and will get limited.

Bigg Boss sarcastically commented on the housemates to make them guilty that “Aapke liye Neeyam Ulanghan Ek achievement jaisa ho Gaya hai.” Let’s see what all twists and turns will be seen in the further season. Stay tuned for more daily updates regarding your favourite show hosted by Salman Khan Bigg Boss!

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