Bigg Boss 14- Rahul Vaidya slams Nikki during Finale Task, says ‘Guys Make Sure She doesn’t…


Everyone wants the ticket to a finale that’s why there’s a tough competition between the contestants of Bigg Boss 14, this ticket will help them from not being eliminated & also they will enter directly to the finale week! There was a lot of heat and anger between the contestants which lead to fights.

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In the small clips, we saw that Rahul Vaidya throws Nikki’s drum in the water which angers Nikki very much so she with full aggression screams back and says this is against the rules and then he screams back at her that I’ll make sure that you are out and this leads to a heated agreement.

These clips have a lead curiosity for the fans of Bigg Boss as it would be super exciting to watch what happens in the next episode and who gets the ticket to finale.

We have many questions here will Nikki be able to complete the task? or will Rahul be successful in getting Nikki out of the task?

Stay tuned for the next episode!!!

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