Bigg Boss 14- Salman Khan slams Rubina Dilaik for supporting Nikki Tamboli’s MISBEHAVIOUR…

Tonight’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss 14 will see host Salman Khan calling out Nikki Tamboli for her unmannerliness with co-contestants in the show. The latest promo shows Salman scolding Nikki for her rude behaviour with fellow housemates.

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Later, Salman is even seen saying that her ill-mannered behaviour gives everyone a chance to point fingers at her upbringing which is directly proportional to talking about her parents. Further, he also tells the contestant that the audience is only getting to see Nikki as a rude and a tactless person.

Moreover, the Bollywood actor is also seen reproaching Rubina Dilaik for supporting Nikki even though she keeps insulting everyone inside the Bigg Boss House. Later, he is seen telling Nikki that this would be the last time he is trying to correct her about her actions and etiquettes, and he won’t utter a word about it anytime again.

It looks like the audience will witness an angry side of Salman in the upcoming episode since another promo shows him taking Abhinav Shukla’s class regarding his overreaction to Rakhi Sawant’s entertaining antics and more. Abhinav gets upset and says that he would like to leave the house.

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