Bollywood CELEBS who are “atheists”.

John Abraham: Since he was four-year-old, John Abraham has heard from his father that he doesn’t have to visit a church to be a good man. Since that time, the actor has been agnostic, or spiritual but not affiliated with any particular religion.

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Bollywood CELEBS who are "atheists".

Amol Palekar: Amol Palekar is an outright atheist who has stated that he has “no faith or belief in supernatural forces,” so he doesn’t even have that.

Javed Akhtar: The poet stated to the media some time ago that religion is based on faith and that there is no logic or reason behind it. You are also not permitted to question or discuss religion. What distinguishes foolishness from faith?

Farhan Akhtar: Father and son are alike. The younger Akhtar was raised in a home that vehemently rejected all forms of organized religion, leading to his agnosticism.

Kamal Haasan: Movies are the religion that Kamal Hassan practices, if any. In an interview with the Times of India, the Southern star stated, “Every religion has a podium, atheists do not have one. My platform is my films.

Rajat Kapoor: Actor and director Rajat Kapoor had previously stated, “I think God is a man-made concept that has been more harmful than beneficial to mankind,” in a different interview with the newspaper. For thousands of years, man has waged war, harmed, and killed one another in the name of a god he created

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