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Britannia launches a WhatsApp based store locator service amid lockdown

The outbreak of the virus has made many of the businesses go online to provide
their services to the people. such a technology has been built to respond to the
surge of customer demands during the coronavirus lockdown and the needs of the
consumers to find Britannia products closer to them.

The food company has launched a pan India store locator service to find the products
of Britannia in the nearby stores. The chatbot publishes the names of the stores near
the current location of the customer that has been recently served by the company.
This will help the consumers in the need for certain Britannia products to find what
they need without having to go far away from their locality.

The managing director of Britannia industries, Varun Berry said, “given the lockdown
ongoing our teams are innovating to ensure high accessibility to their products
across geographies and town classes. The WhatsApp chatbot is one such timely
solution built to help consumers discover their products in the neighbourhood”.

At the beginning of this month, a Bengaluru based FMCG company, ID Fresh Food
has also launched a store locator feature that gives its customers updated
information on the latest ID products available at the open stores near them and the
supplies of the products on the given day.it has also a feature where an SMS is sent
to the consumer about the refilling of the fresh stocks in the stores near them.

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