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Burj Khalifa lights up the ‘We love you’ message to honour SRK on his b’day.

Last Tuesday was Bollywood Superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s 56th Birthday. On the Indian superstar’s birthday we witnessed the international fans love towards him as Dubai Burj Khalifa letter to honour SRK with a text ‘ We love you‘ and photo of him. The building also lit with the message ‘Happy Birthday Shah Rukh Khan‘. His fans celebrated his birthday world wife and posted their celebration on social media. There were a number of videos showing the SRK’s name on Burj Khalifa was posted on Twitter.

Burj Khalifa lights up the 'We love you' message to honour SRK on his b'day.

Every year SRK fans gather outside his residence Mannat in Mumbai. However, this year police restricted the crowd. The Bollywood superstar celebrated his birthday low key with his family in their farmhouse at Alibaug. In the last year 2020, The Bollywood superstar posted a picture of himself standing outside the Burj Khalifa where the building lit up with his birthday message.


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