Cabinet secretary Rajiv Gauba says, no plan to extend 21 Days Lockdown

Since the 21-day lockdown announced almost a month ago, there has been an exponential increase in the number of cases tested positive and deaths due to the novel coronavirus.
Countries all over the world have been put under complete lockdown for more than a month in order to stop the spread of the virus and have taken all possible measures to isolate the pandemic.

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This sudden rise in cases has to lead to a lot of panic amongst the citizens, many of who fear that the lockdown would be extended till mid-May. These rumors gained more momentum with the mass exodus of migrant workers and the recent 300 possible cases found in Nizamuddin West. The cases recorded positive is said to have gone up to more than 1400.
In light of these rumors and fear, Rajiv Guaba, the Cabinet Secretary commented on the
Rajiv Gauba stated that there were no plans to extend the lockdown past the last date of 14th April and that these rumors were completely baseless.
I am surprised to see such reports, there is no such plan of extending the lockdown,” the Cabinet Secretary said.


The Press Information Burea which is the media wing of the government has further validated this statement by assuring the public of the same.
These statements were elicited related to the review undertaken by the Home Secretary and other secretaries to monitor the situation, compliance and the movement of essentials during the lockdown which began on 25 March 2020 as a measure to stop the spread of the pandemic.

Analyzing the flow of essential commodities and services, the secretary observed strict
adherence to the measures and rules initiated in an emergency like a crisis. All non-essential movement and services have been put to a halt for the lockdown period and strict regulations are being followed all over the country. This assurance has for now put the rumors of extension to rest.

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