Carryminati breaks his silence on the controversy over the deletion of his video ‘Youtube vs TikTok’ creates a storm all over the internet

Carryminati is one of the most followed and popular celebrities for his youtube videos. Recently he had uploaded a roast video called ‘ Youtube vs TikTok’ that was removed by the youtube claiming to violate its ‘terms of service’.

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Finally, Carryminati broke his silence on controversy over deletion of his video which created a storm among his fans and all over the Internet.

It all began with a roast video which he made was on a famous Tiktok user Amir Siddiqui. Actually Amir Siddiqui posted a video calling out you tubers. Amir highlighted the unity of Tiktok community and accused YouTubers of producing same content &fighting with each

Further In reply of this video Carryminati posted a roast video on Amir Siddiqui on 8 May
which started going viral. Soon Carryminati’s channel reached 16 million subscriber from 10 million subscriber due to
this video.

Carryminati aka Ajey Nagar tweets on his account that It was ‘hard to accept ‘ that his roast the video was pulled down and called it a frustrating day.

On Saturday he released a statement started by sharing how making videos and entertaining people was something he dreamt when he was 10.

He wrote that he put his blood sweat and whole life on the platform that helped people like him to entertain viewers.

He said, he has now accepted that video will not be restored. He revealed that video had broken numerous records and was going to be most liked non-music video on the platform.

He said, If the video would have achieved its feat It would have been the first time to the honoutheould have gone to the Indian creator.
At last, Carryminati thanked all his fans and now the whole Internet and social media are storming for his justice by fans. #justiceforcarry is trending on every social media platform.

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Not only this celebrities like Ashish Chanchlani, Himash Kohli, BB ki vines everybody are opposing the decision of removing video by youtube.

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