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Carryminati posts an IGTV video on ‘TIKTOK vs YOUTUBE’ controversy, check what the YouTuber has to say

Popular YouTuber Ajay Nagar has been in the news for a couple of days. Being known for his roasts and gaming videos, he posted his latest video on his channel where he roasted TikToker Amir Siddique and said that he has divided the social media platforms into two. His video, titled youtube vs TikTok received millions of views and likes on a matter of few hours only to be taken down by the authorities at youtube considering the content irrelevant for the platform and violating. The act left Ajay Nagar’s fan infuriated.

The YouTuber posted an IGTV video today for the people saying that he does not know the right cause for the video being taken down or the dialogue that was found offensive and caused the video to be taken down from the platform of youtube. and that the people other than his fan are taking his words wrong saying that we should understand a sentence along with its context and not out of context.

This is a reply to amir Siddique’s statement where he says that YouTubers do not have as many brand deals as the TikTokers have to which the Ajay Nagar said that their individual value is distributed among more TikTokers and the value is not up to the mark.

The Youtuber urged people by saying not to represent their assumptions in the form of facts. Many other memers have been using the #Bringbackcarryminativideo on their posts and stories for the platforms of social media to create awareness among the Millenials.


People are in rage for this incident and are supporting the rights which are Carryminati. This video made him the world’s first YouTuber to get 2 million+ likes in just 5h hours of posting the video.

He also accused some people of converting his dialogues into a completely new meaning. The whole buzz about the controversy on the video has really made the Youtuber upset and which can be seen very well in his IGTV video.

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