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CBDT stripped 3 IRS of their duties for making a controversial tax report public

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has removed three higher officials of there duties presumably for violating service rules while formulating a policy report advising the public how to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The three accused are Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officers- two of them being administrators of the IRS Association. They have been held accountable for making their juniors prepare a document that is an infringement of the service norms. This raised a feeling of apprehension and incertitude among them keeping into concern the present situation caused by the outbreak of COVID-19.

The government has got hold of the complaint called ‘Fiscal options and response to COVID-19 pandemic’, addressed to the CBDT chairman PC Mody and other authorities, and has also cautioned them that they would further investigate the matter to ensure how some officers got this done and at the same time made the content come to the forefront. The report proposed that the inspection of tax filings will be declined for a year and the rich will have to pay a lump sum amount as tax.

CBDT has taken strong measures against them “in view of their role, and complicity in the preparation of the report which advocated tax hike, the imposition of a wealth tax, inheritance tax and imposition of a COVID-19 surcharge”.

The finance ministry is currently perturbed because the document has made its way to the public forum. Had these officers submitted the report to the government through their official channel, the recommendations by the young officers could have been given a thought. Though now, it completely rests upon the decision of the IRS Association.

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