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Delhi Police bashes AAP Minister and his convoy to break the lockdown rules in the containment zone

Out of all the countries in the world, India strives to combat this virus in a subtle manner. More than 50% cooperated to make the lockdown work. Yet, there is a black sheep in every family or let’s day region.

Delhi Food and Civil Supplies Minister Imran Hussain and an officer of the Delhi Police tried to stop Imran, one of the MLAs of AAP, yesterday evening, from violating the norms of the lockdown and got into a heated argument with him.

Imran Hussain was in Delhi’s Sadar Bazar area along with his convoy, officers from the Delhi government and his supporters.
SHO Ashok Kumar tried to prevent the movement of the minister’s convoy due to the lockdown. More than 25 people were accompanying Imran Hussain at the time.
Videos were made, in which Ashok can be listened to, telling Imran and his convoy that a crowd is gathering due to his presence and that is violating the terms of social distancing.

Later, when a member from Hussain’s team and the police officer get into an argument, the civilian tells the police officer that they are allowed to be present on the spot as members of the public.

It can seem that most of them are Muslims who have been lately making chaos in this whole country and spreading the virus at a higher rate.
SHO commands them that people are not supposed to gather at one spot. The MLA intervenes and tries to stop the fight and urges the police officer to let them do their work. Ashok strictly tells the MLA that he can work as a government official and respect the norms but he is not letting the police do its work.

Delhi’s Sadar Bazar area has reported 59 Covid-19 positive patients of which 13 have died so far. The region remains a containment zone.
Due to such ministers, our country’s government still lacks management and good governance. Imran violated the lockdown norms and didn’t respect the PM’s plea.

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