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Central government to run special trains and buses for labourers who are employed by the agricultural sector, special package being framed

“If we have evacuated Indians living in foreign soil why not those stranded in domestic soil”

The central government has announced that special train and bus service will be run for the labourers who are employed in the agriculture sector. The decision came into light days after the 21 day lockdown due to which many labourers were stuck on state highways across the country. A special package is to be given to the labourers who are working amid the lockdown and many essential industries are to be considered as exception to ensure that crucial economic outfit do not stop.

The coronavirus has embedded the rural areas in India because of the departure of migrant workers. According to the Supreme Court 5-6 lakh labourers have walked barefoot to reach their native place and accordingly almost one-third of them would have been caring infection. This just means that not only infection but the panic of infection has travelled to the rural areas even though agricultural activities are exempt from the lockdown but there are huge chances of infection in all such activities. The presence of jobless migrants in urban areas are an extra burden in the cities as because while the whole quarantine season they have to be fed and provided with healthcare, around 833 million population resides in the rural areas and they need so much help to cope up with this crisis.

Due to the sudden lockdown across the country many migrants have stuck up at the state borders putting their lives in grave dangers. All the ministers and government officials above the rank of joint secretary are to join their offices from April 12 for the post lock-down strategy. PM Narendra Modi held a video conferencing with the state Chief Ministers asking suggestions over the extension of lockdown after April 14, most of the states have agreed over the lockdown for two more weeks that is till 30th April.

Around 100 buses of Delhi government and 200 buses of Uttar Pradesh government were run; carrying people to help them reach home and arrangement of around 1000 buses was done by Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) to help migrants reach their hometown amid the lockdown. State and central government has been urging people to stay wherever they are to stop the further spread of the virus. Some of statement governments like Delhi government have provided the migrants with serving of two meals a day at 500 locations and night shelters to those who are stuck around. Bihar government has provided rs.100 crore to the labourers who are stranded on different state borders.

Government is taking initiatives and making arrangements for all the layers of the society and has been trying to make all the essential items available amid the lockdown, we should also cooperate with the government by staying at homes and by practicing social distancing to stop the spread of coronavirus and get back to the normal routine as fast as possible.

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