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Centre asks not to test non-coronavirus patients for the virus

The government has asked the health officials no to test the patients who have mild
symptoms or asymptomatic more than once.
The number of coronavirus cases has had a surge in the last few days and which
has caused the healthcare officials and other workers to be overwhelmed with
responsibilities. This is not the best thing to happen when we are already fighting
against the economic instability and other minor issues occurring during this time.
Being a hard and testing time for the people, the government wants to reduce the
workload on the doctors and other healthcare workers along with the police, to make
sure that everyone gets the best of help they can.

To justify this objective, the government has been helping the migrant workers and
students stranded away from their homes to return back but they have been asked to
follow the strict guidelines that have been issued for doing so.
Not to mention that the doctors and police have done their best to prevent the chain
transmission of the spread y treating the people are keeping them inside their
houses respectively.

Health officials and doctors have made it compulsory for the severely affected
patients to remain in the hospital unless they show no signs of the virus or further

There are cases coming from the most affected states and cities. Mumbai that is
home to 18 million people seems to be at the top of coronavirus cases patients.
To combat the depressing situation 3 government hospitals have been given the
duty to test for coronavirus among patients and more facilities are being prepared to
provide aid to the people during the quarantine.

Since there is no such evidence of community spread for the virus according to the
government, there is no use of doing mass testing as well because that will be an
unnecessary strain on the system and cause worsening of the situation.
In the meantime, the doctors are beginning to look for worse cases and signs.
Dr.mehul who is a respiratory specialist has been doing the same by distributing his
attention in the suburbs of the city and private hospitals as well.

People who feel the need for a test are welcomed by the workers of medicine.
Most people are not in the need of the coronavirus testing and have the ability to
recover at their homes. After looking into the stated fact, government and centre have
advised the people to help in less exhaustion of the resources and stay at home if
they have been certified by an official in medicine for doing so.

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