Centre government launches an online dashboard to monitor information on migrants movement

For the smooth sailing movement of migrant labours and workers, buses and shramiks trains are they’re provided to reach their native places. On this, the national disaster management authority has developed the online dashboard on NDMA portal. This portal will be of so sort of help that will work under official terms and will further make states and union territories work giving showing the online format so far.

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And this system will be so helpful as it will help in the speedy communication between states without such chaos. Moreover, it will make people remain safe from coronavirus.

This way will able to visualise for how many people are going out from which place are going to which place and how many are stuck and how many are reaching to their particular niche. For this, mobile numbers can be used for contact –tracing and their commuting monitoring for that matter during this pandemic. Government of India will be the sort of help who will monitor people and on this Mr Bhalla said “I urge to use the online portal NMIS for capturing the information on the movement of migrants and for better interstate co-ordination “.

This lockdown is considered to be vivacious for poor people the most, they, however, are suffering from crises and walking thousands of meals just to have access to their self hometowns as even after certain programmes these pitiable conditions are not still fulfilled.

As per estimations, about 3.5 lakh migrant workers have been moved in 350 trains and more such journeys are being planned. Therefore, this migrations will be done in such an order, that will be very systematic and make people reach to their places safely.

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