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Satyajeet Dubey’s mother tests positive for Covid19, actor quarantined at home with his sister

Bollywood actor was shocked when he saw that his mother whose age is 54 years had a sudden migraine attack and was not feeling well from quite last few days along with the symptoms such as high fever, vomiting and body ache so he took his mother for the basic test but after hearing about the symptoms, health experts suggested to Satyajeet Dubey to took her mother to get tested for COVID-19 and when the result came out, he was shocked to see as the result of the test came out to be positive. Now, Dubey’s mother is been kept under observation at Nanavati hospital in an isolated ward.

However, after the test result of Satyajeet Dubey’s mother to be positive, the actor has quarantined himself at his home along with his sister and with their pets although both of them are asymptomatic. The actor is really worried about his mother’s health condition so he stated on Instagram that his mother does not have any kind of coronavirus symptoms other than the migraine and also Satyajeet Dubey told his fans that due to constant vomiting and weakness his mother was diagnosed with high fever but there was no such indication wherein his mother was feeling breathlessness.

In regards to this, Satyajeet Dubey has requested his fans to take care of their parents and also suggested them to try to stop them if they are going out of the home. Moreover, the Bollywood actor told that it’s a matter of a few days and this Covid-19 is just flu whose vaccination has not been developed. To save yourself from this pandemic disease, everyone should focus on boosting their immune system which will help in overcoming themselves from this COVID-19.

Although the Bollywood actor is quite worried as he has been pinpointing by asking about the same question from various sources that how his mother has been detected positive with COVID-19 so he finally spoke to the doctor to clarify his doubt so the health experts told him that might be somebody is the carrier from his family member or in the building, or even it can be currency notes but there were no such symptoms of COVID-19 shown in the body of Satyajeet Dubey and his sister and also told the nation that both of them are fine.


Sanjay Dutt who has already worked with this Bollywood actor in the film Prasthanam which was released in 2019 consoled him like a real father over the phone as he was quite worried about his mother’s health conditions. Satyajeet Dubey addresses his fans on social media site that everyone who has already affected with this pandemic disease will definitely come out stronger from the situation and also told everyone that it will be a huge defeat collectively for the whole nation so nobody should lose faith in humanity.

Also, he wants to express his gratitude towards his wonderful friends, caring neighbours, the brave corona warriors and the amazing doctors as Satyajeet Dubey told that everybody’s love and support is quite overwhelming that he cannot imagine as he has come from a very small town and has never expected that he will get such kind of help from all the supportive and helpful people linked with him. Moreover, being a son he wants to give the best treatment to his mother in terms of comfort so he told that if anybody goes through the normal channel it was next to impossible to find a bed but due to the popularity of his work he was able to arrange a bed for his mother very easily and also express his love towards the god and to the people associated with him.

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