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Centre Govt issues fresh guidelines for the employees to contain the spread of Covid19

Government of India has given new rules for authorities and staffs of Central Government to forestall the spread of coronavirus, after a few authorities in different Central Government Ministries and Departments have tried positive for the disease.

All officials are encouraged to follow the accompanying convention to contain the spread of coronavirus:

1) Only asymptomatic staff will be permitted. Anybody with gentle hack or fever needs to remain at home.

2) Officers/Staff living in control zone will not come to the office and work from home till the regulation zone is de-informed.

3) Not in excess of 20 staff/officials will go to the office in a day. The program will be revised in like manner. The remaining staff will keep on telecommuting.

4) Under Secretaries/Deputy Secretaries on the off chance that sharing a cabin, at that point, they will come substitute days to authorize social separating.

5) The Section will not have multiple authorities one after another, available time will be followed to guarantee not more than 20 staff in some random time in the workplace. Also, make sure that windows are kept open to guarantee appropriate ventilation in corridors.

6) Face mask and face shield must be worn consistently inside the workplace premises. The disciplinary move will be made in the event that it found that convention for the mask isn’t followed in the workplace.

7) Used Mask and gloves will be disposed of cautiously in yellow shading bio clinical waste bin, strict punishments will be given against individuals violating the rules.

8) The general segment will give essential gear to the officials with the goal that they can join web-room from their individual PCs.

9) Face to face gatherings/conversations/collaborations be maintained a strategic distance from beyond what many would consider possible. Officials/Staff will be using radio/telephone/VC for associations.

10) Handwashing in every 30 minutes is an absolute necessity to forestall the spread of disease. Hand sanitizing containers will be set at conspicuous places in passages.

11) Frequently contacted places, for example, electric switches, door handles, lift catches, handrails, washroom installations and so on will be cleaned in each one hour with 1% Sodium Hypochlorite. Officials/Staff are likewise encouraged to clean their own hardware like consoles, mouse, telephones, AC remotes and so on without anyone else by utilizing any ethanol-based disinfectant.

12) The distance of 1 mtr will be kept up while sitting or strolling. Visitors’ seats in the lodges of the officials will be set as needs be keeping the standards of social separating.

13) All officials are mentioned to adhere to these directions as a general rule.

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