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Chief Justice of India says, “From 205 cases a day to 305 cases a month, the crime rate is down amidst lockdown”


Now a Days, Covid-19 is in trend which soaks the entire world. India has been facing a server crisis. From China, it has reached another world and cause death. It occurs during the month of winter and early spring. people must be more aware of this pandemic disease. Doctors were struggling to cure coronavirus, still, there were against that virus.

“Transmission electron microscope”

First throat swab sample confirmed Covid-19 in India reported in Kerala. This had been existing before the century which attracts only the Birds and animals, from animals human had been transmitted. Transmission electron microscope imaging, published in Indian journal of medical research. Covid-19 thread entire universe because there is no medicine.

The article “Transmission electron microscope imaging of SARS- cov-2″ has been authorised by the ICMR-NIV. Coronavirus is intially round in shape It as well projection. Because of that projection virus had gained the name. From animals, it had been transmitted to human and other organisations. There are no particular symptoms of this virus. It varies from person to person and it depends upon the immunity content in the body of an individual.

“Impacts due to this change in the rule”

There are a lot of advantages from this new rule and make a good change in the individual. Earlier low-class people are affected and they must pay the tax along with suffering. Without having the food these people will pay tax. It is greatly reduced and they need not pay any taxes. It helps to buy a house in low profit.

“Reason for the new rule”

Due to Covid-19, there was the lockdown in national by prime minister Narendra Modi. Coronavirus had spread from China to the entire world. They were the massive death in each countries thanks to this pandemic disease. To control the spread of Coronavirus and to save the lives, there was the lockdown for three weeks.

As India is a developing country, there were many people suffering from the daily food and shelter. Due to this lockdown, people are suffering for food and shelter. so, the prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan apologizes the people for the lockdown by Narendra Modi. They were men and some children and women joined them. The police had tried to prevent them but they continued the journey by walking to the village. This created many issues men and the police. There are willing to stay in native place due to lockdown in work.

These people also affect financial. there is no savings or any account. Recently bank had not given loans to any individual, these peoples are affected to a greater extent. To overcome this crisis, The government of India had decided to help the people by financial. To make people more comfortable, G20 summit also organised to fight against the financial crises due to Covid-19. The people are considerably affected when got lockdown in Delhi- UP borders. The police provided them with transport fertility, but they refused. Because they are no money due to the lockdown in their jobs. Many people shared the emotion to the police. their cries come to government.


The new thing which had come onto force is very beneficial to the people. The suffering is removed by one rule and financial crises are definitely to beat by the govt.

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