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Volkswagen, Mercedes, and BMW have initiated digitized sale routes in India amid lockdown

The German car manufacturers, selling the world’s luxurious cars have opted for digital platforms to revive their sales.
The pandemic has almost put a full stop to the sale of automobiles and also fuel. With deserted roads and lockdown regulations, the automobile industry has seen a huge decline.

Life post-lockdown is unpredictable, but the social distancing norms would be in place for sure. As such, no contact-deliveries could be playing an important role.
So, car manufacturers have taken measures to create dedicated digital platforms where customers can buy without visiting physical outlets.

In a survey conducted with 1000 people from India representing the whole population, more than 50% of them have told that they would buy their next car online if available.
German carmakers Mercedes and Volkswagen announced the implementation of online platforms on Monday. The Mercedes has named the portal ‘Merc from home’.

“We believe that buying a Mercedes should be as easy as buying food online for our customers; we expect that 25 per cent of our worldwide passenger car sales will be made through online channels by the year 2025,” said Martin Schwenk, MD & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India.

The BMW has already declared and launched its online portal earlier this month.
With these, the customers can view the availability at their nearby outlets, choose their dealers, verify the models, and order them online. The car would be delivered to them directly.

Industry Experts said that the first thing the automobile manufacturers would do post-lockdown is to launch digital platforms to boost their sales.
Apart from sales, several automobile makers also included the booking of services online.

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