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China’s Sinovac Biotech is in discussions to launch global trials of the COVID-19 vaccine

The Sinovac Biotech is one of the three Chinese companies that are racing with time against the virus that has affected as many as 3.8 million people all over the world and taken the lives of 270,000 people. With over various companies developing more than 100 vaccines against COVID-19, only 10 of them have reached the important final stage of human testing.

Sinovac is an efficient drugmaker of the country and is also one of its most promising coronavirus vaccine candidates. It is now in talks for the stage-III trials which it wants to conduct, as the race for immunization gets harder and tougher.

Beijing-based Sinovac Biotech Ltd. is currently having meetings with other countries, and the World Health Organization, for permission to use the vaccine in places the virus is spreading rapidly, as it is crucial to precisely test the working of the vaccine; according to the CEO Yin Weidong.

He said, “The accurate effect of the vaccine and its power of protection can only be assessed at places with cases. The main part is to study the relationship between disease incidence and vaccination.”

The country seems to have recovered for the virus with no new infections, so the company is seeking permission to perform tests in other countries where the virus is still growing; this task is going to be complicated with the tension between China and other nations over the issue of the origin of the virus, not to mention the USA.

With the virus still spreading uncontrollably, a working vaccine is the only hope the world has, to revive the falling economies, live normal lives, and resume the planet. But typically vaccines can take years to develop as it involves a lot of stages of development and all other stuff. Some diseases like HIV still exist without a vaccine.

Though Yin didn’t exactly specify the countries they are planning to hold trials in, he hinted that the USA could be an ideal location, given its epidemic being the worst at present. He also stressed over its Biotech industry is the most developed and also containing the most sophisticated regulatory framework.

Some of the American drugmakers- Moderna Inc.and Johnson & Johnson also have vaccine candidates in human trials, adding to the researchers from Oxford University.
Yin declared that the vaccine is ready. Only if any country approves of their clinical trials, they are ready to launch it right away.

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