Union Health Joint Secretary says ‘India has to learn live with Coronavirus as the number of cases shoots up’

The health department stated that India has to adapt to a new lifestyle with coronavirus included in it.
“The preventive guidelines against the virus need to be implemented as behavioural changes,” said Lav Agarwal, joint secretary, Union ministry of health and family welfare in the daily press briefing.
India’s COVID patients’ count has reached to 55,000. The number of deaths summed up around 1800. This week has been a disaster to India as the effects of the virus have doubled up.

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“If we follow dos and don’ts, we may not reach a peak in a number of COVID-19 cases and our curve may remain flat,” said Agarwal.
On the brighter side, he told that 216 districts in India are corona free. In 42 districts, no new cases were detected in the last 28 days. In 29 districts no new cases were seen in the last 21 days. In 36 districts no new cases were registered in the last 14 days and in 46 districts no new cases were found in the last 7 days, according to health ministry data. They also would be soon handing over a revised list of red, orange and green zones soon.

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