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CM Arvind Kejriwal says, ‘Delhi’s death curve flattened’.

Chief minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal on Monday said that the death curve of Covid-19 in the capital has flattened after deaths went down by 44 percent in June.
Kejrival tweeted, “Delhi flattens the death curve, Covid deaths down 44 per cent in June. Personally, this has been my most important mission from the beginning of the pandemic. We will not get complacent even now. This figure needs to come down to ZERO”.

He also added that people are recovering from the pandemic and the cases of Coronavirus are slowly going down. The recovery rate in Delhi has reached 88 percent. Delhi is on the 10th position in the nation where the active cases are concerned.
It is noted that in Delhi, around 1,30,606 cases have been recorded, number of active cases 11,904, recovered/ cured/ migrated/ discharged 1,14,875 with 3,827 deaths.
The chief minister also said that the figure should go down to zero one day. Recently, during testing in Delhi, 100 people were tested out of which 31 were confirmed Corona positive. And today again 100 citizens were tested for Corona out of which 13 were found positive. Now the situation is under control in the capital and the cases of coronavirus are decreasing day by day in Delhi.

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