CM Arvind Kejriwal says plasma therapy is showing good results asks citizens to stay calm

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has informed that his government will continue with the plasma therapy trials in the state for the COVID-19 victims as it has shown good results initially.

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Kejriwal declared this a few days after the Centre reported that plasma therapy is at a preliminary stage for treating the coronavirus patients and can also prove to be fatal.
Kejriwal has addressed the public in an online press conference and reported about a critically ill patient who has recuperated after he went through the plasma therapy.
“We are not going to stop clinical trials of plasma therapy. We are getting good results in the therapy. However, it is on a trial basis,” he said.

Further, he said that they have asked the already recovered COVID 19 patients to donate their plasma so that they can save other lives.
The CM also said that 2300 coronavirus tests are being conducted per 1 million people in Delhi. He has also arranged 40 buses for bringing back the students stuck in Rajasthan’s Kota- the epicentre of all kinds of coaching in the country. But he has also asserted on the fact that these students will need to self-quarantine themselves for the next 14 days to avoid spreading of the virus.

In addition to all these, he has confirmed that the free necessaries being supplied to the poverty-stricken people will be doubled to 10kg.

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