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Coronavirus Test Gets Fast, Easy and Cheap in Wuhan, China

The global Coronavirus pandemic is believed to have originated in Wuhan’s animal market in China. A mammal called Pangolins have been believed to be the animal hosting the virus before it was spread to humans but scientists have uncertainty as to the origin of the virus. In Wuhan, China were the virus is believed to have originated, Coronavirus tests are cheap, easy and really fast other than in countries like United kingdom and even the United states. Many people working in companies are asked to present their “nucleic acid test” which is another name for the Covid-19 test before they can return to work. In a country like Nigeria one out of five laboratories are able to test for Covid-19 and Nigeria has a population of about 200 million people.

The virus which has infected a tiger in a Zoo in New York shows how the virus is able to move between species. The head of Nigeria’s center for disease control, Chikwe Ihekweazu said “A quick test could be a game change for us”, while also adding that symptoms of the virus are similar to that of Malaria. Wuhan, China has recorded about 3,342 deaths and 82,295 cases of the deadly virus in the country. In Wuhan, the center of the global pandemic, days have gone by without the recording of a new case and are gradually resuming normal life. Public health expert have said that the situation in China have improve due to aggressive testing.

Taking a covid-19 test in China cost about 260 yuan and about 930,315 tests have been carried out from February 21 till date, The results are sent by text messages while the test involves spitting into a test tube. A Reuter official who shared his Covid-19 test experience says the test took only about three seconds as a swab was stuck down his throat and it was over. “You’ll get your results in about one and a half days”, he was told.

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