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Court In France Orders Amazon To Suspend The Sales Of Non essential Items

Amazon, is a company owned by Jeff Bezos. Jeff who was born in January 12 1964 founded the company in 1994 out of his garage in Seattle. Amazon was given a French ban to stop the sales of non essential items because it is believed the company is not doing enough to protect it staff from the global covid-19 pandemic. The company was given 24 hours to comply with the court’s ruling or pay a fine of 1 million euros. The court who passed this judgment in in Nanterre, lose to Paris. Several unions are happy as it is considered a victory for public health and workers. The ban requires the Amazon company to check its health risks at all its facilities in France. The ruling shows that the French authorities have the interests of their workers at heart

In a response to the court’s ruling Amazon said “We disagree with today’s decision by the Nanterre court and are currently assessing its implications for our French logistics sites”. During the ruling which took place on Tuesday the judges said that Amazon failed to protect the health of their employees. Tatiana, champagne of union SUD said “it is a great victory for us all”. Before the ruling on Tuesday, protests had been held by low wage workers expressing their concerns especially as they are put on the front lines having to deliver goods to consumers. Amazon made it clear that the security of their staffs is one of their most important priorities, adding that it has taken steps to protect its staffs which included social distance measures.

Amazon is one of the worlds biggest retailer and have assured the public that necessary clarifications will be provided. France has been on a lockdown since March and will be lifting the restrictions on May 11. The court also added that the company could return to its regular activities once all the properly elevated risks had been cleared. The deadly virus has claimed about 14,976 lives already in France and many workers have tested positive for Corona virus. The company clearly does not agree with the ruling of the court even when Unions say one worker who got infected is still in the intensive unit.

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