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COVID-19 LABS in Delhi now offers 20 minutes drive through tests

The pandemic Corona has stunned the whole world. The spreading rate is rising very high. Almost all the countries have been a part of the pandemic and a few have also got success by getting the pandemic out of their country.

To test whether a person is a covid positive or negative, test labs were given several terms and conditions and then only it was possible for labs to conduct tests. Slowly and gradually all labs started testing, where many businesses were getting shut a new business emerged and many were given employment.

In India, Delhi is emerging as one of the most virus corrupted state. The testing is very important in such situations. The labs had a monopoly and they kept on increasing the testing rate.

The rates were around 4500rs to 5000rs. The rates were too much for a normal person and the spread of the virus is spreading fast. Due to this, the Delhi government decided to lower the cost of test and go door to door for testing. There would be mobile vans arranged at a fixed stop in the area and people can get there tests done there, so as to make it easy on both sides. It claims that it just takes 20 minutes.

Thus it makes easy for both the government and people. Such steps should also be taken by other state governments.

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