Dabur India Ltd has launched support #Vocalforlocal campaign for its products

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his latest address to the nation has urged the citizens to popularise the local brands and follow the ‘Vocal for Local’ slogan. Dabur India Ltd., the consumer goods industry has initiated #vocalforlocal crusades to publicize its various products that include ayurvedic red toothpaste, Chyawanprash, Amla hair oil, Real fruit juices and Hajmola digestive tablets on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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The advertisements have been designed by the Daily Digital agency as an amalgamation of text and images with product pictures complemented with Support #Vocalforlocal.

Dabur India Ltd is probably the first company to step up for the ‘Vocal for Local’ bandwagon and highlights Indian heritage in the post COVID world as our economy has declined to a large extent and Government is trying to find alternatives within the country.

Mohit Malhotra, Chief Executive Officer of Dabur India Ltd affirmed that the company arouses feelings of “trust, health and well-being” in the minds of the lockdown.

“…Dabur is the oldest and most trusted ayurvedic and natural healthcare company in India, and we are using this campaign to champion our 135-year-old heritage and the fact that our products are ‘Made in India, by Indians, for Indians’,” he said.

It was first established in 1884 in Kolkata and has now spread its branches across eight different locations abroad and supply its products to over 100 countries globally.

Abneesh Roy, senior vice-president, Edelweiss Securities said, “In the toothpaste category it can be negative for Colgate while in the juices category it can be negative for Pepsi. In the rest of the categories, Dabur is a leader and MNCs are small or not present”.

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