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Delhi CM, Kejriwal appealed people to forget about religion and donate plasma to save lives from Covid19

“There is a patient in LNJP hospital, he was in critical condition and doctors said he is sinking. He was administered plasma therapy and his health has improved significantly. This has encouraged us, as far as plasma therapy is concerned,” Arvind Kejriwal said.
Delhi Chief Minister convinced people in his speech by letting everyone know how the plasma of corona survivor benefited another patient. He spoke about the equality that has been talked about and putting words out of unity since ages. He emphasised on the point of how unity is the key to combat this pandemic, irrespective of what religion one belongs to.

“Come forward and donate plasma. We all want to recover and survive the coronavirus crisis. If tomorrow, a patient is Hindu and is serious, who knows maybe the plasma of a Muslim person can save him or if a Muslim patient is serious, maybe the plasma of a Hindu person can save him,” Arvind Kejriwal said.

He pointed out the fact that blood plasma doesn’t differentiate in people of different religion and sorts. Taking the latest subjects of religion into consideration, he tried to make people realise that a Hindu patient can donate his plasma to a Muslim patient and vice versa.

COVID-19 doesn’t differentiate hitting people with respect to what religion they belong to and so we should fight this pandemic together with differentiating each other in terms of caste, creed or religion.
“It is possible that a Muslim’s plasma can save the life of a Hindu patient or the plasma of a Hindu may save the life of a Muslim person. The god did not discriminate between humans. Why have we created a wall between us? Coronavirus affects all — be it Hindu or Muslims.”

“Anyone can be infected with the coronavirus. Be it Hindu or Muslim, anyone can get coronavirus,” Arvind Kejriwal said.
He encouraged people by stating if their families are affected by this virus and they have a chance to save their loved ones through the blood plasma of someone who doesn’t belong to their religion. What are they going to do in that situation?

“We can take a lesson from this coronavirus crisis that if we work together, no one can defeat us. But if we continue to fight, there is no scope left”.
Till now, 869 patients have recovered from the deadly virus. Last week, the Delhi government received permission to conduct trials of plasma therapy. On Friday, Kejriwal had said that seeing the results of the Plasma Therapy in curing COVID-19 patients, his government would seek permission to use this technique on a regular basis as a treatment for coronavirus.

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