Delhi Government will provide pulse oximeters to Covid-19 patients in home isolation

Delhi government has decided to distribute pulse oximeters to the patients of COVID 19, who are home quarantine.

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An Oximeter is a device to check how much oxygen is being carried in your blood. To encourage people to remain in-home quarantine, the Delhi government has taken this strategy to ease the pandemic of COVID.

The cases of coronavirus are increasing rapidly in the national Capital. The government is requesting people to be home isolated despite going to hospitals because many people are asymptomatic and less critical.

Persons are fighting to get a bed in hospitals, whereas they can be easily well by home isolation, so the government is distributing oximeters to patients of Covid, who are at home.

Around 9000 patients are home quarantined according to a report, they will keep checking their oxygen level from oximeter. And in case the level decreases they can call the nearby ambulance and get further treatment.

This is the process which the Delhi government is going to take, to fight the COVID 19.

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