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Delhi Police caught 2 ISI agents red-handed after weeks of watching

Two ISI agents from Pakistan has been caught red-handed by Delhi Police. They pretended to work as visa officials in Pakistan High Commission. They have also confessed Pakistan’s unethical strategy to harm India.

Sources revealed that the Military Intelligence Unit was informed some weeks ago about Abid Hussain and Tahir Khan, working with Pakistan High Commission and that they were targetting members of Indian Army to accumulate confidential details. Both of them would have picked up people connected to the Army and made friends with them identifying themselves as Indians.

The Military Intelligence Unit started to keep an eye on them and learnt that both of them were ISI agents trying to bring out defence and military information of India. According to sources, Pakistan’s Intelligence Agency ISI would have handed them a list of those to be targetted.

A Special Cell team hatched out a plan to detain them on their way to Karol Bagh to meet a person and excavate information and documents about an Army establishment. They were arrested near Bikanerwala Chowk on Aryasamaj Road in Karol Bagh area of Delhi. They were asked to come out of their official cars provided by the Pakistan High Commission.

On enquiring about their identity, Abid called himself Nasir Gautam, a resident of Geeta colony. He also showed his Aadhar card to the police personnel that was immediately verified as fake, since “Gautam” was spelt as “Gotam” in his card. On further questioning, both acknowledged themselves belonging to Pakistan, working as spies here.

During interrogation, Abid (42) told that he lives in Shekhpur in Pakistan Punjab and Mohammed Tahir (44) is a resident of Islamabad. They were working as visa officials. Javed Hussain (36) also confessed that he is from Bhakkar, Pakistan and was working as the driver for both Abid and Tahir.

The police also retrieved an iPhone and 15,000 from the ISI agents. The Police assume that Javed was probably showing the national capital to his mates.

The Delhi police have also recouped documents and are closely examining them. A team of the special cell is also trying to find out from whom this information’s have been extracted and their contacts in India and Pakistan.

As High Commission officials, they will be having diplomatic immunity under Vienna Convention, which suggests that India can’t launch criminal proceedings against them for spying, and hence they will be sent back to Pakistan via Wagah border. The paperwork for deporting them is being prepared by the Minister of External Affairs and they will be sent back within 48 hours to Pakistan.

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