Delhi will start Plasma Bank for Covid-19 patient, Arvind Kejriwal’s press conference’s minutes

During a press conference on Monday, the Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal announced that the Delhi government is to open a Plasma Bank at Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences in Delhi. The institute is not a COVID -19 centre.

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The institute is to start operating in about 2 days and is to cater to the shortage of plasma that the hospitals face for the trial. Plasma therapy aims at taking antibodies from a recovered patient to treat a patient currently testing positive for the virus.

Delhi started clinical trials involving plasma therapy by April and saw good results on the patients involved in the trial.

He also urged recovered patients to donate their plasma and said that proper travel arrangements would be made for the people to travel safely. “This is the true service of God,” He said.

The government will release all details soon and will also create a helpline for people to refer their queries to.

The number of cases in the state have reached an all time high of 80,000+ cases with 49,000+ recoveries and around 2,550 deaths.

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