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Do Allu Arjun Speaks Hindi language?

Allu Arjun is in a lot of headlines these days for his recently released film ‘Pushpa‘. It has been a month since the film was released, but its songs, dialogues and dance are still creating a buzz among the audience. Especially the style of speaking of the actor in the film was liked by the people so much that everyone from mango to special is copying it. However, few people would know whose voice was behind the lead actor of the film.

Do Allu Arjun Speaks Hindi language?

Actually, ‘Pushpa‘, which exploded at the box office, was released on Amazon Prime Video in Hindi version on January 14. Allu Arjun’s speaking Hindi impressed the fans. Let us tell you that Hindi speaking Allu Arjun was given his voice by none other than actor Shreyas Talpade. Everyone is praising his strong voice in the film. Now since Shreyas Talpade is part of the production team, people might not have noticed, but recently when the actor himself shared a video of himself speaking dialogues of Allu Arjun, the fans were surprised.

In the video, he understood the famous dialogues of the film ‘Pushpa Pushparaj Main Jhukega Nahi‘ and ‘Pushpa Naam, listening to the flower. Flower is not fire, I am seen speaking. He has also thanked everyone for the praise he is getting from the audience. Let us inform you that Shreyas Talpade may not have achieved a special place in Bollywood till now, but with his voice, he spread his magic from South to Bollywood.

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