President Donald Trump said that compared to big countries, the US is doing “very well” against the Covid-19 global epidemic while India is facing a “tremendous problem” in fighting the disease and China is also seeing a “tremendous spurt” in infection cases.

After 52,050 cases were reported in India in a day, the number of Kovid-19 patients in the country went up to 18, 55745. China on Tuesday reported 36 new cases of infection in the country, which were lower than the 43 cases a day earlier. For the first time in three months on 29th July in the country, more than 100 cases of Kovid-19 were reported, after which there was a fear of the second round of infection. “I think we’re doing very well,” Trump told reporters at the press briefing here on Monday. I think, we have done as well as any nation. If you really see what is going on, especially in the face of these new cases and the countries which were being talked about, they have controlled it. Compared to larger countries, the U.S. is doing very well in the fight against the corona virus, he said.

“Don’t forget that we are much bigger than many countries other than India and China,” he said in response to a question. Cases of large-scale infections in China are on the rise. There is a tremendous problem in India. There are problems in other countries. “And I have noticed all these evening reports,” Trump said. In any news, I don’t read about other countries. You see how large cases are increasing in other countries, in countries that thought it would have ended, as we thought we had recovered from it in Florida and suddenly returned again. The infection has definitely returned. “

The US is the worst affected country by this global epidemic with more than 47 lakh cases of infection and more than 1, 55000 people have died of the disease. Trump said the US has so far investigated the corona infection of more than six million people. “No other country is even close to it,” the president said. We have investigated six crores people — in many cases, that is, about 50 per cent of the cases have been quickly investigated. That is, the investigation in five to 15-20 minutes, where you get the results immediately. Nobody has such a check kit. And I think we are doing much better. (Agency)